Easy Setup and Storage

Do you enjoy the convenience of a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree but frustrated with the "Classic" lights and assembling those heavy, bulky hinge sections?

Are those "Worry"-some lights making you feel like Scrooge?

It's "Time" to change your tree and come over to Timeless Holidays™. Our revolutionary LED lighting system is unique with each branch independently lit, easy to assemble, and most importantly - reliable.

Our Diamond Brilliance™ LED lights look just like traditional lights and make each artificial Christmas tree glow with the season.

Every artificial Christmas tree has a three year light warranty and a lifetime tree construction warranty - one hundred percent hassle free.

Bring back the excitement and magic of Christmas with a Timeless Holidays™ artificial Christmas tree.

Timeless Holidays™ Artificial Christmas Trees - Making Every Christmas "Timeless"

Joyful design for a joyful season.


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Pre-lit LED artificial Christmas trees are our specialty