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What Every Christmas Tree Should Come With

Your tree should come with some very basic requirements from the stand to spare light bulbs.

These are some factors to consider:

  • Warranty
    • Lights - If you are purchasing a pre-lit tree you must have a multiple year warranty on the lights. The MOST IMPORTANT question you can ask is "What will you do if there is a problem with the lights?" Most retailers will refer you to the manufacturer so be sure to get in writing what your options are if there is a problem. Timeless Holidays™ is the manufacturer so our customers KNOW that we can take care of any type of issue that might arise.
    • Tree Construction - Ten years is a common length for a tree construction warranty. The reality is, it should be longer than that. Timeless Holidays™ is the ONLY manufacturer that has a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the tree construction. Our trees are designed to last a lifetime and we stand behind that.
  • Stand - A stand should always come with your tree. It should be made of steel to give your tree the extra support it needs once it's fully decorated.
  • Spare Light Bulbs - If the tree is pre-lit then it should come with some spare bulbs. In addition, the light bulbs should not be so special that you cannot find a replacement somewhere else.
  • Great Customer Service - It goes hand-in-hand with the warranty. If you need assistance with your tree then you should get it quickly and with a company that is eager to help.

Step Six: Accessorizing Your Christmas Tree

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