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Selecting Your Christmas Tree Should Complement Your Ornaments

Your tree needs to proudly display your ornaments. Whether you are display generations old heirloom ornaments or those special handmade ornaments, the spacing you need in your tree is an important condideration.


  • If you have lots of hanging ornaments then your tree should be more open. Even though the bare tree might seem like it's not full enough, once your put your ornaments on the tree it takes on a whole new look. Hanging ornaments loose their effect when they a draped on the tree as opposed to dangling from a branch.
  • Smaller ornaments look fantastic on a full tree. They nestle in those tiny areas and offer a wonderful surprise to your guests when they discover an ornament they didn't notice before.
  • Fuller trees also offer a creative husband the ability to hide a special Christmas present in plain sight for weeks. A hint from William, "I've done this with amazing results. I hid a neckless on the tree in plain site for three weeks and no one noticed it. A treasure hunt Christmas morning led my wife to the tree eventually where she discovered her present."


If your ornaments are heavy then the branch rods and branch tips need to be sturdy enough to support them.

Step Five: What Every Christmas Tree Should Come With

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