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Accessorizing Your Christmas Tree

Your tree should be able to handle any type of accessorizing you can come up with. Rotating stands, extra-heavy tree toppers, the list is endless.

These are some factors to consider:

  • Rotating Tree Stand
    • Weight - Your rotating stand must be able to handle the weight of your artificial Christmas tree. Keep in mind the extra weight of all your ornaments too.
    • Tree Pole Diameter - Make sure your rotating stand can accommodate the tree pole. Don't forget that most tree poles are pointed at the bottom too so make sure the rotating stand will be able to securely hold the tree.
    • Power Wattage Rating - This is the one factor that everyone overlooks. Make sure your rotating stand can handle the power that is required by the tree. Most incandescent pre-lit trees draw too much power to work with a rotating stand. Since all of the Timeless Holidays™ pre-lit artificial Christmas trees use LED lights they will work with any rotating stand as long as the stand can handle the weight of the tree.
  • Flocking - If you decide to apply your own flocking you should make sure that the flocking material will not react with the plastic that the Christmas tree is made with.
  • Hallmark® Ornaments - Nowadays they are battery operated but the older ones required removing a light from the tree to plug the ornament in. Some newer incandescent light sets cannot accommodate the Hallmark® ornaments. LED lights also cannot accommodate them, you will need to run a separate set of lights to power the Hallmark® ornaments that are not battery operated.

If you are the really creative type and have an idea, you shouldn't hesitate to ask if your idea will work with your tree.

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