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"Bringing the Merry and Joy back into Christmas - one artificial Christmas tree at a time!"

Remember last year, when you had to put up the tree by yourself? The kids disappeared. Your sister complained she couldn't lift the heavy hinged sections. Uncle Bob got into the eggnog a little early. You got stuck doing it alone. Shouldn't your Christmas be easier than this?

Don't Let THEIR BAD LIGHTS Frustrate You and Ruin Your Holiday!

Bad lights can ruin your season

Aren't you TIRED of fixing the lights on your artificial Christmas tree?

Our Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees Are The MOST RELIABLE!

Our X-Mas trees are the most reliable season after season

No more sections of lights going out! No more headaches! Start celebrating sooner!

Pre-lit LED artificial Christmas trees are our specialty

This year, let's start the Merry and Joy sooner.


Decorating the artificial Christmas tree for the season should never be a chore. Your new pre-lit wonder from Timeless Holidays™ will be a family joy that everyone can help assemble and decorate — even the kids.


Extreme pride and dedication in the design, craftsmanship, and production of our unlit and pre-lit LED artificial Christmas trees is what makes Timeless Holidays™ unique in the industry. Unlike other web sites and retailers, WE ARE THE MANUFACTURER, with over thirty years of experience - NO ONE can make this claim.


Our patented lighting system with hook-on branches will bring you year after year of comfort and joy. Most importantly, NO MORE light issues.

Easy to Setup

Hook the branch in and plug in the lights - piece of cake!


Up To 80% Off All treeswith free shipping!

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Easy to Store

Unplug the lights and remove the branch - so easy!

Check out Timeless Holidays on Reseller Ratings

I ordered a tree and received it the next day. Very impressive.

- Aliciapicarella, via Reseller Ratings

Hook-on construction with individually pre-lit LED lights

Our fake trees are assembled with individual pre-lit, hook-on branches. No heavy lifting which means that virtually anyone can setup our trees.

All our pre-lit artificial Christmas trees use our Diamond Brilliance LED lights

Diamond Brilliance™ L.E.D light technology makes the design of our pre-lit trees the best you'll ever find.

Double cartons for trees 6.5' and taller make storing your pre-lit LED artificial Christmas tree easy

Store our trees easily fluffed or shaped in the double boxes all trees over 6.5 feet* receive. Assembly next year could be twice as fast.

We have the industry best 'Everthing is Awesome - Totally No Hassle - Warranty of Happiness' for all our artificial Christmas trees

Your pre-lit artificial tree will come with a three year light warranty and all trees, pre-lit and unlit, have a lifetime tree construction warranty. If a branch happens to break or go dark, we'll send you a replacement branch, free. Replacement bulbs included so you can easily replace burn outs. No need to ship anything back.

Our Customers
LOVE Our Trees
and You Will Too!

Read the reviews and see why we treasure our customers

Read the reviews and see why we
Wonderful email from a customer sent to Timeless Holidays

We just opened our new Timeless Holidays nonlit 7.5' Norway Fir Tree. It is phenomenal! We first purchased an artificial hook-on tree in 1980 and bought only 2 trees since then. This current tree is nearly identical to our much-beloved trees of the past but even FULLER NEAR THE TOP. Our son tweaked each branch's tip before assembly and the end result is a most realistic tree which will delight us for MANY YEARS and function as a perfect backdrop for the special ornaments we have amassed. We did not visit the showroom; I felt confident after two lengthy conversations with the salespeople (who were kind, knowledgeable, and patient) that this company produces a superb tree. In addition to an exceptional tree and courteous staff, our tree- LIKE ALL THEIR TREES- carries a lifetime warranty. Finally, I chose this company and its product because the trees are assembled in Thailand; the Thailand people are attentive to detail--evident in the beautiful form of each tree branch, the central pole, the shape of the metal hooks, etc. When a tree of IDENTICAL PRICE is currently selling at Menard's and that tree is a mélange of various colored branches and needle types--well, to put it bluntly, I know that I was more than blessed to come across Timeless Holidays on the Internet. God bless you!

- Kathryn G, via E-mail

Enjoy your Christmas tree with less hassle and worry

You deserve a beautiful, easy to assemble tree. With a Timeless Holidays™ tree, you will put up and perfect your tree sooner, to have more time to enjoy family traditions.

Revolutionary Lighting

This new technology assures you that your Christmas is going to be joyous and happy!

Your old pre-lit artificial tree delays the fun -
time to get a better one!


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