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A Message to Walmart® Customers That Purchased a Holiday Time Artificial Christmas Tree

There is a massive amount of confusion with Walmart® as to who their suppliers are. We receive an incredible amount of phone calls and emails from very frustrated and disgruntled Walmart® customers that are experiencing issues with their pre-lit artificial Christmas trees.

While we can truly sympathize with your plight, we have NEVER manufactured any trees that are sold at Walmart®. If a Walmart® customer service agent has told you this, it only goes to prove how poor their customer service really is.

Timeless Holidays™ believes that the customer comes first and we only manufacture products that are the best. We believe that customer service is the most important part of any business. This is why we have designed our pre-lit artificial Christmas trees to be customer friendly and reliable but we have backed our trees with our 100% Hassle-Free Warranty™.

While Walmart® buys from many suppliers, according to what we can find on the internet, they purchase some of their artificial Christmas tress from a Chinese manufacturer Polytree®. That being said, they are a Chinese company, and well, that might just say enough.

One thing that we can PROMISE YOU is that we stand behind our product. We have been manufacturing artificial Christmas trees for over three decades. We put our customers first and you would never go through the headaches that you are currently experiencing with your Walmart® tree.

We are truly sorry that you are experiencing issues with your Christmas tree - honestly, we are.

... and the Saga Continues...

Since we have had so many calls this year, we decided to get the attention of Walmart® and resolve this issue. So, we sent them an invoice for $20,000 to compensate us for our time with all these erroneous calls. We don't feel Walmart® is going to pay the invoice but we hoped to get their attention.

Our invoice for our time

Now We Got Their Attention...

We received a chat on our web site from the Buyer, Seasonal & Celebrations, Etien Staroscik. We think this is a move in a positive direction and we can hopefully get this resolved - for everyone's sake.

Chat with the buyer

Very Strange Question from Walmart®...

The next day we receive a chat from someone from Walmart® in their Global Webops (the same office the buyer is in). We know it's from the same office because of the ip address. Why is Walmart® asking "us" if we sell trees on their web site - should "they" know that already? Very, very strange behavior.

Chat with a very strange question

And the Calls Continue... and Continue...

Being extremely frustrated that nothing is apparently being done, we reached out to the buyer and well, basically, demanded that do something about their customer service people.

Walmart® Makes an "Official" Response...

Their official letter claims we make derogatory statements, which we don't. More importantly this letter claims to have performed an internal investigation that shows they are not in contact with us.

Their response

Walmart® Is Wrong!

If, as Walmart® claims, they have not been in contact with us, then how do you explain calls to our office from their 800 Customer Service Number? How do you explain chats with us from Walmart® owned ip addresses? How do you explain all the traffic that comes to our site from Walmart® and specifically going to our Warranty page?

Google Showing the Walmart® Customer Service Number...

Their customer service number

Some of Our Call Logs Showing Walmart® Contacting Us!

Calls from their customer service

A Chat with a Walmart® Customer Service Agent!

Chat with their customer service

More Traffic from Walmart®!

A screenshot from our chat software that shows they have been to our site multiple times (and this is only one of many IP addresses that belong to them).

Chat with their customer service

Don't Accuse Timeless Holidays™ of Anything Wrong!

Plain and simple, Walmart®, you HAVE CONTACTED us from your customer service center. You HAVE TRANSFERRED CALLS TO US from your customer service center. We have phone logs, chat logs, ip addresses from your network segments, and web server logs that all PROVE YOU HAVE CONTACTED US.

All That We Ask...

Do right by YOUR CUSTOMERS and provide them the information they need to resolve their issues with YOUR PRODUCTS - which, by the way, in case you missed the whole point of this entire exercise is... we don't make trees for Walmart® - NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL.

Merry Christmas!


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