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Decide on the Right Tree for Your Space

Are you purchasing your primary Christmas tree? Is this a secondary tree that will add ambiance to another room in the house? Maybe a smaller tree for a child's room? The placement of your new artificial Christmas tree will detmerine what size it should be.

There are two main factors to consider: the height of the tree and the diameter of the tree.

Height of Your Christmas Tree

Most homes have 8' ceilings. A 7.5' tree is the perfect size that still allows for a tree topper without being too tall for the room. No matter the height of the room, keep in mind that a ceiling fan or other lighting fixtures might alter how tall your tree can be.

Several newer homes have 9' ceilings. The size of your tree topper will determine if a 9' tree will fit. Most people will bend the top tip of the tree down to attach their tree topper. Bending the top tip down will usually allow for a 6" to 9" tree topper to fit.

Diameter of Your Christmas Tree

The diameter or the tree (or how far the tree sticks out from the wall) is another factor to consider but is commonly overlooked when considering which tree to purchase.

There are some old tricks of the trade on getting trees to fit in tighter spaces. Hook-on trees (where each branch is "hooked" into a bracket) give you the option to leave a couple of branches out in the back so you can push your tree closer to the wall or into a corner. Hinge construction trees (sold by every other retailer) do not allow you to peform this trick since you cannot remove any branches from them.

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