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Choosing a Pre-Lit or Unlit Christmas Tree

Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees

Over 95% of all artificial Chrismas tree sales are pre-lit trees. That being said, the number one consumer complaint about pre-lit trees is just that - the lights. Who you purchase your tree from is probably the most critical decison you can make.

First and foremost, you need to carefully read the warranty. In the event of the lights failing, most online retailers will send you a replacement set of lights and a DVD showing you "how easy" it is to replace your existing lights. The reality is - replacing your existing lights is extremely hard.

The unique lighting system from Timeless Holidays™ has solved this issue. In the event that a branch doesn't work, it can easily be replaced (free within the three year light waranty and a small cost thereafter). It doesn't get any easier than that.

There are some pros and cons to having a pre-lit tree:


  • The lights are already on the tree which is a huge time saver. You can get on to the decorating sooner.
  • There are lots of different styles to choose from.
  • Did we mention the lights are already on the tree and you can get to decorating sooner?


  • With the lights being permanently attached, the tree will be heavier than an unlit one.
  • Depending on the warranty, failing lights can lead to great disappointment trying to get them fixed. The unique lighting system from Timeless Holidays™ has solved this issue - a defective branch can be easily replaced which makes your tree last a lifetime.

Unlit artificial Christmas trees

Having an unlit artificial Christmas tree is like an artist having a blank canvas. Your tree can have just about any type of lights on it.

There are some pros and cons to having an unlit tree:


  • You are working with a blank canvas so your creativity it limitless. Any lights can be used to give your tree a unique look.
  • Without the lights being permanently attached, the tree will be lighter than a pre-lit one.
  • You can embellish your tree with pine cones or spray your tree with frosting before the lights are on.
  • You can switch the type of lights you use every year: one year can be multi-color lights and the next year could be clear lights.


  • They take longer to get to the decorating stage because you have to put on your own lights.
  • Your choice of style is usually limited because unlit trees only account for about 2% of all artificial Christmas tree sales.
  • Did we mention you still have to put the lights on? This is usually the only reason people purchase a pre-lit tree.

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