We Manufacture the Greenest Pre-lit LED Artificial Christmas Trees in the World – Period!

We Manufacture the Greenest Pre-lit LED Artificial Christmas Trees in the World – Period!

Posted on Monday, October 5, 2015 by William Cummings


I'm going to make a VERY bold statement, "We manufacture the greenest pre-lit LED artificial Christmas trees in the world - period!" There, I've said it. I can just hear all the naysayers now, especially the live Christmas tree growers.

So now you're saying to yourself something along the lines of "how can he make such a claim?" Well, it's that time of year when we receive numerous inquiries to repair pre-lit artificial Christmas trees that were purchased and/or manufactured by our competitors. We politely (and sympathetically) inform everyone that we do not repair trees that are not manufactured by us - in fact, it's impossible for us. The factors that make our pre-lit LED artificial Christmas trees the most environmentally friendly are the exact reasons why we cannot repair other trees.

Before I get to those reasons let's take a trip in the Way-Back Machine. Back "in the day" before pre-lit trees were all the rage almost every artificial Christmas tree was more environmentally friendly than its live tree counterpart. Please note, I did say "almost" so don't flame me over that statement. Artificial Christmas tree manufacturers typically gave a warranty on their products. We were one of the first to offer a ten year warranty, then we upped it to a twenty year warranty - we now have LIFETIME tree construction warranties for all of our artificial Christmas trees, pre-lit and non-lit.

Since most of the trees came with a warranty, consumers would typically use their trees for seven to ten years before replacing them. More often than not the tree would be passed down from parents to adult children which extended the life of the tree an additional three to five years for a total of ten to fifteen years.

Traditional incandescent pre-lit trees changed the landscape forever - and not for the better. The older other pre-lit artificial Christmas trees get, the less reliable the lights get. This is why we get so many calls every year to repair pre-lit trees. Consumers are left with four options with their aging trees:

  1. Return the tree to the store or if the tree was purchased online ship the tree back to get repaired.
  2. Find a local service that will repair the tree.
  3. Repair the tree themselves.
  4. Throw the tree in the garbage.

Which option does the typical customer choose - typically number four, throw the tree in the garbage. Why?

  1. Most stores will not repair their trees after they are sold because they are not equipped to do so and they will only chargeback the manufacturer for any same year returns. They don't want to be bothered - they would rather sell you another artificial tree.
  2. If the tree was purchased online and the customer discovers how expensive it is to ship the tree back to the online retailer, they usually do not choose this option. Even if the tree is still under warranty most of our competitors will force the customer to pay for the shipping. How's that for warranty service?!?
  3. The cost to repair a pre-lit tree by a local service is usually more expensive than it would be to purchase a new one.
  4. Even if the customer decides to repair the tree - that only takes care of the issue for (hopefully) the current Christmas season. The next year might result in the same headaches with a different section of tree failing.

The traditional artificial Christmas tree has now gone from being an environmentally friendly option to something that is disposable because of the lights. Folly on my industry for selling snake oil to the consumers on that one.

Where did all of this leave us during the transition from just artificial Christmas trees to pre-lit ones? We didn't make the pre-lit ones. We KNEW they were not going to last and we did NOT want to be part of that problem.

Over twenty years ago we started working on the concept of an environmentally friendly pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. We wanted one that would last twenty or more years but we had one big problem - the lights. There was no way to get past the elephant in the room.

Something magical happened in technology that changed everything – LED lights. Yep, those little blinking lights on circuit boards had become a viable replacement for incandescent lights. Now we really had something we could work with. For starters, LED lights themselves are WAY MORE efficient than incandescent lights. They have also become "relatively" inexpensive to make.

One of the reasons our non-lit artificial Christmas trees are so environmentally friendly is that we use hook-on construction. This means that each branch is inserted into the tree. Our competitors will claim this is more difficult to assemble but that's just not true.

  1. Hook-on trees are easier to handle because you are handling individual branches and not heavy, bulky sections. Your back will love you for this.
  2. If there is a need to repair a hook-on tree, which doesn't happen very often, then just that individual part that needs to be replaced can be sent to the customer. Again, repairing a hinge construction tree can be quite an arduous take with or without lights.
  3. Hook-on trees go back in the boxes they came in - this is something that almost NEVER happens with hinge trees.

All the other existing (and current) pre-lit trees utilize a hinge design. Consumers are told they are easier to setup, etc., etc. but that's not why they were marketed that way. The hinge design was required because of the lights not because of any ease to consumers – they were still using "sets of lights" no different than what consumers had been using for decades. Traditional incandescent lights required enough lights in the set to consume the entire 110 volts which is why they couldn't be reduced to individual branches being independently lit.

Once LED lights became a viable option we had solved the puzzle.

I'm going to say it again, "We manufacture the greenest pre-lit LED artificial Christmas tree in the world - period!"

  1. All our pre-lit trees use LED lights which are environmentally friendly because less electricity is used.
  2. Each branch is independently lit:
    1. Because we don't use traditional sets of lights there is less wire that is used. Each branch features wiring that only goes to the light - not to the light and back. Less wire means better for the environment.
    2. If for some reason a branch needs to be repaired than it is just that branch - not the entire section of tree - that can be replaced. Because each branch can be serviced individually the consumer can easily enjoy the same lifespan of the old non-lit artificial Christmas trees.
  3. We have the best warranty in the industry - bar none. We stand behind our products. Always have, always will. Because of this our customers have (and will) own our trees for decades. We won't make disposable trees.

Our industry has really tarnished the holidays. Customers are frustrated with poor quality and even worse customer service (if it even exists other places).

Our mantra is simple - we are:

"Bringing the Merry and Joy back into Christmas - one artificial tree at a time" ™

We care about our environment. It is our legacy to our children and our children's children. We have a responsibility to take care of it. Plain and simple – we have and we will continue to do so. I challenge the rest of our industry to follow our lead.

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